An efficient, disposable & flexible system

Made in Britain, Sweepseal fits any fireplace or 

stove and will make your job easier!

About Us

We are chimney sweeps ourselves


Our Sweepseal system has been inspired by working on the job. We've dealt with the difficulties heavy cloths  can cause. 

Find out about our system!


Taking all the stress out of managing soot and dirt, Sweepseal really does make your job easier.

Made in Great Britain


Our product has been design and manufactured in Britain

What is the sweepseal system?

So why and what is the sweepseal System?


The sweepseal system is a product that has been designed through our experience of working and being dissatisfied with traditional chimney sweeping equipment. 

Sweepseal makes your job easier!


We know all stoves and fireplace are different. Some make it more difficult to catch all the soot and dirt than others. Heavy denim clothes can be cumbersome and hinder the cleaning process.

Every stove's dirt and soot can be caught with Sweepseal


Using our experience as sweeps we have developed a system where you attach a transparent air tight film to the fireplace. Stopping soot and dirt escaping into the air and giving you the ability to really see what you are doing

The system is efficient and practical


With the film attached a patch can be placed anywhere on the film. You can then put your hose through the hole in the patch. This makes any stoves or fireplace's chimney accessible as you can place the patch where you want to.  

Air tight dirt and soot collection


This air tight system reduces the amount of soot and dust released into your customers home and also in the air that you breathe whilst doing your job. There are also no big denim clothes to clean!

Portable, disposible and easy to set up and use


Once the chimney is clean, dispose of the rubbish in a bin. No need to wash anything! The system comes in a frost proof bag so that you can leave it in your van over night if you want to. 

Sweepseal In action

Check out our video to see how practical and easy to use the Sweepseal system is when cleaning a chimney - Fast and Effectively!   

Proved to be popular


The NACS trade show

Our system was a big hit at the The National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) April 2017 exhibition.  Chimney sweeps from around the world attended.  The kits were snapped up by eager chimney sweeps who immediately saw the benefits of Sweepseal.  

There were lots of Sweeps interested in the system and the feedback and frequently asked questions will be updated on here soon.

For more info on the The National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) Please Click Here

If you want to know more about Sweepseal contact us direct at   07885610449  Thanks

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